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I am also shooting two "serious" matches, the Presidents and National Trophy Individual match, both with an AR Well the war with Germany was over in April, this rifle was made in March. Well you talking about that 8x63 machinegun ammo, I could imagine how it kicked after watching my friend shoot regular 8x57 machinegun ammo. He aslo served in the Norwegian Navy in the late 50's, and he told me that he had to qualify with a 7. Gabrielle. Age: 28. My name is Bryoni and I am a very warm and deeply passionate companion available in The Netherlands (I am located in The Netherlands) April. Age: 23. Hello all gentlemen

Misc. Mauser Parts

The turks in particular are antiques, and they, the swedes and chileans are worth more unmodified and you'll be far more satisfied in the long run with an already drilled and tapped commercial sporter that will be cheaper than your modified antique. Prone slow fire I had 94 and 95, prone rapid was 97, sitting 88 and 50 off-hand. I will try the ten round version next. These days, I shoot more 's with from 15 to 18 grains of , and mostly at and yards. The photo that you posted is a clip full of Hoffer-Thompson loading adaptors for the original. Two stripper clips held 8 rounds, with a little resistance, the third wouldn't fit any rounds from either end. The Norweigians retained a lot of the K98k's that the Germans left behind; these were rebarreled to after the war; and later rebarreled again to 7. Well he has the actuall unloaded brass, the military bullet heads, and I believe a can of military powder for it. All of my shooting since then has been with old military stuff, and mostly with cast bullets, in "local-yokel" as-issued matches. Kinda klutzy but it did work. For those that actually get away from the bench rest, and shoot their Springfields across-the-course with cast bullets, of course! On the US rifles, it's supposed to clear the receiver ring by. But if I read your post correctly and you were shooting high with your down adjustment bottomed out, you will need to lower the rear of the scope or raise the front of the scope to bring everything together. The chlorate primers, though, give good ignition, last well in storage under poor condition, are simple and reliable and thus were retained for military use until well after WWII. Back around when the "nitro" smokeless powders came into wide usage, there was a lot of concern about the "corrosion" that was seen in the barrels of rifle using it for the new "high power" loads.

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Well, the ones that were chambered in 8 x 63 would kick the bejesus out of you. Had to resort to Sierra grain Internationals for yards, but a lot of the matches were only and yards, the prone slow fire being fired on reduced targets at I was shooter, coach, and sometimes captain of the Navy rifle team from to , when I retired. The rear bridge does vary on the different models and you may need to modify the 55 to fit. If you need some, let me know.

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