Gender domination in wide sargasso sea

Rochester loves Jane as a wife and respects her for her intelligence and talents. However, while Jane is able to define herself by rejecting the labels others place on her and form a very sturdy and distinguished identity, Antoinette is baffled by having a body, a life, a spirit. Rochester ponders at one point "How old was I when I learned to hide what I felt? Perhaps the differences are so great, or more importantly, so established and internalized that Antoinette cannot ever have the sense of security, happiness, and pride that Jane finds by the end of Jane Eyre. The oppression Antoinette suffer under is so much more obscure and underground that what Jane deals with that, not only would it be near impossible for Antoinette to articulate it, she has trouble even recognizing it. Imani. Age: 29. Please visit my website for entertainment ideas, etiquette and screening information, rates and possible discounts Rebeccas. Age: 24. An Elite and Discreet Companion

The Male Suppression of Female Power: Antoinettes Downfall in Wide Sargasso Sea

She will, finally, develop a capacity for anger and aggression that leads her to burn down Thornfield Hall Her beauty and sexuality are presented as shaped by the Caribbean rather than her Catholic schooling. Jane also has no trouble at all in describing how she feels women are restricted, she says:. It is ideology and norms about femininity which are oppressive, and therefore so much more difficult for Antoinette to rise against or even to confront. I loved it because I had nothing else to love, but it is as indifferent as this God you call on so often. It was covered with green moss soft as velvet and I never wanted to move again. A very small boy" Rochester tries to deny Antoinette's sexuality by limiting her access to his speech and therefore to any understanding of the symbolic Humm This is in contrast to English reserve and repression. Sadly, we never discover what kind of mother Antoinette would become. Conditioning, especially in childhood, reinforces expectations of the role and behaviour of women.

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Thus for a girl, betrayal is indeed interwoven with dependency, troubling a girl's relational history from infancy through adulthood, and affecting her relationship with her own infant should she herself become a mother" Schapiro The differences between the portrayal of each of these two women's lives significantly changes the way we as readers understand how each novel conceives of womanhood and its associations. This narrative structure skews ideals of imperialism and therefore patriarchy by challenging concepts of narrative authority, particularly of a white male authority, as Rochester is inserted in between Antoinette's two accounts. Both novels are feminist works, though each approaches feminist issues quite differently. Conditioning, especially in childhood, reinforces expectations of the role and behaviour of women. Antoinette is confused by Rochester's calling on God as much as she is completely confused by his sudden rejection of her. But as Jane matures and becomes an adult, her faith solidifies and she comes to have a clear belief in God.

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